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Fellow AFE Members and Friends

September 2008

Welcome Back!

Fellow AFE Members and Friends,

It's time to for the new AFE Suncoast season of building engineering gatherings and information (and fun).

Vendor Plus –started in August!

We took a short summer break with our first Vendor_Plus Program held in August: "Advanced Energy Design Guides –Mechanical Overview" by Paul Torcellini, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).  This web telecast was collaboration between ASHRAE and the DOE.  Our many thanks to our friend and sponsor Ernie MacFerran of Hillsborough County Schools for the generous use of their facility and conference resources.  This presentation was well received by all. 

This season, we have a great line up of events again for you this season and some new faces to take the reigns of your AFE Suncoast Chapter.

September Session:

We have several venues for this evening:

  1. Topic: UV Germicidal Systems by Process Air System Sales.  Guest speakers are Scott White and Walter Golding.
  2. Nomination and Election of New Officers
  3. Pizza Night!  (not your average pie!!)

 Place: Antonio's (2755 Ulmerton Rd, Clearwater, FL –across from Raymond James Financial Complex)

Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time: 5:30pm social, 6pm program

Price: $15 for AFE Members, $25 for non-members

Please RSVP to Bruce Sullivan at [email protected]

Changing of the Guard

After 2 years, the officers are changing guard.  This September Session we will install the new AFE Suncoast 81 Chapter Officers and formalize the new

Simple phrases cannot reflect entirely my gratitude and how much I say thanks for having answered to my proposal because of this practically hopeless case.

Committee Chairs.

Nominated: 2008-2010

Chapter President: Bruce Sullivan

Chapter Vice President: Paul Wieloszynski

Chapter Membership Chair: Henry Robbins

Chapter Treasurer: Terry Spradlin

Chapter Secretary: (Open) 

Vendor-Plus Chair: Paul Hartman

Scholarship Fund Chair: Mike LaFalce

AFE Certification Committee: Don Nasko (interim); Paul Dufresne

Tampa Bay Engineering Week Committee: Tony Febbraro, Terry Spradlin

Events Coordinator: (open)

Holiday Party Chair: (open)

A Note of Thanks from Tony Febbraro

I am pleased to hand over the reins of the AFE 81 Suncoast Chapter.  It's been a fun 2 years and I think we have accomplished all of our goals.  I wish to thank everyone for their selfless support for our members.  Your AFE Suncoast Chapter provides you with a personal venue to meet peers and authoritative speakers.  We have included unique local plant tours and hope to continue in the coming months.  Thanks to your chapter officers' dedication, AFE Suncoast is one of the few chapters that offers local Certification training.  The new Chapter 81 website will be up shortly and will be linked to the excellent new AFE National website (if you have not seen it, go to www.afe.org).  AFE Suncoast is part of a huge alliance between 16 of the local and regional engineering associations and will again be a participating sponsor of the newly named Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet (TBEW) this February. Now that's networking!

Membership –We have a new push on Membership.  Henry Robbins is our first Chapter Membership Chair.  Henry brings a personal dedication that old and new members alike will appreciate.  He has a big job and will be calling on you at times.  Let's give Henry all the support we can.  If you are interested in one of the committees above or wish to join, please contact Henry at [email protected]

As some of you know, I have moved on to the AFE National Membership.  We have implemented several new programs: The new AFE Corporate Plan enhances opportunities for companies to sign up multiple employees at significant discounts PLUS some new benefits! –this is a great package!  Additionally, we are in the final stages of forming new Alliances with Federal agencies and national vendors that will allow AFE to train and promote new programs both regionally and locally.  Stay tuned to your monthly Announcements.

Finally, it's about Participation.  While your AFE leaders can provide the opportunities, it's up to the members to make use of them.  Why buy a book if you don't read it?  To benefit, you have to Participate.  AFE membership offers a wealth of knowledge, opportunities and enjoyment.  We offer both technical and professional growth opportunities.  Here is a challenge: a) Make an effort to attend at least 2 meeting this year –you'll be glad you did!  b) Bring at least one new guest to a meeting or tour.  Membership is everyone's job!

Tony Febbraro
AFE National
Vice Chair Membership


September 12, 2008:
A Note of Thanks from Tony Febbraro I am pleased to hand over the reins of the AFE 81 Suncoast Chapter. It's been a fun 2 years and I think we have accomplished all of our goals.